paris hilton to my mom: "i'm so happy to be your daughter!"
paris hiltons mom: "me too!"

two people crying (as in 'skrike høyt og frustrert og sint') to me at skype (at the same time) because they see my rothko painting in the background of the room where i sit, wanting to swap it for one good and one not-so-good mixtape they showed me a couple of days ago, but i think they forgot.

karen blixen crying to me on the phone, jealous of tao lin

olafur eliasson says something about sophie calle being rude to him at the golden-globe dinner, and that he has told the same story to sasha pivaroviva a while ago, and waited ten minutes to tell her he was the one acting rude and it was all because sophie won the hasselblad prize and he didnt, and he waited (about) ten minutes with telling sasha this to see her reaction, but was so hung-up with his own formulation (and her front teeth) that he forgot noticing her response

eating sushi with pharrell and marcel castermiller, and marcel, who only likes the bites with 'the pink fish', ends up eating all of mine bites with pink fish and all of pharrels bites with pink fish and says he dont have to pay because he is a model and its big when he eats and says he has to go to the bathroom and while he is leaving the table, pharrell tries to pinch me on the nose with his chopsticks and with a sexy facial expression he point at marcels back (going towards the toilet) with the free hand and says 'a bitch named what now'

after having sex with douglas adams, he pulls the sheets over our heads and whispers something to me while i pretend being asleep and he slowly goes over to talk to himself instead

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